Bitrontix™ - new zealand's best health, beauty & personal care brand

With breakthrough technology and an elegant aesthetic, BITRONTIX™ offers the ultimate at-home beauty experience. Our beauty rollers, skincare and wellness products are designed to refine your health and beauty from the inside out.

Why BITRONTIX™ Beauty Rollers?

Designed to mimic the precise massage techniques of professional estheticians

A range of roller cuts, sizes and positions target various parts of the face and body

Portable sizes ideal for travel

Solar-powered microcurrent generation – no batteries, cords or outlets required

Gentle, soothing and very mild microcurrent which you will not feel as it doesn't vibrate or give any sensation to the skin.

Platinum coated rollers can minimize irritation, resist tarnish and extend use over time

Benefits - BITRONTIX™ rollers help visibly improve

Which BITRONTIX™ roller Is Right For Me ?

BITRONTIX™ FACE SLIMMING AND UPLIFT WAND  is recommended for Jawline Cheeks Neck Chest Underarms Waist Inner Thighs. It Helps tighten and tone the look of skin on your face and body with powerful microcurrent. Ideal for people who want a versatile face and body roller.

BITRONTIX™ DARK CIRCLE REMOVER & JAWLINE / CHEEKBONE TONER  is recommended for Jawline. Cheeks Eyes, Lips & Forehead. Smaller sized rollers help create a targeted treatment of delicate skin around your eyes, lips and forehead with a more powerful and effective results for face.

BITRONTIX™ FACE ENHANCER & ANTI AGING GUA SHA is recommended  Face, Neck, Décolletage, Chest, Hip,s Waist% Thighs. A larger facial tool to help visibly reduce puffiness of the face, neck and décolletage as well as body, including waist and hips for sharper-looking features. This contouring tool uses proprietary breakthrough technology called a Release Lift method to scoop and knead skin targeting the fascia muscles beneath the skin.

BITRONTIX™ BODY & MUSCLE TONER is recommended for whole body including Hips, Waist

& Thighs. It helps tighten and tone the look of skin all over your body. It also helps in reducing and eliminating muscle pain in back, neck, legs, etc. Its an ideal tool to massage post workout for faster muscle recovery.

BITRONTIX™ is Celebrities #1 Choice for skincare

Priyanka Chopra, a famous Hollywood & Bollywood actress uses BITRONTIX™ DARK CIRCLE REMOVER & CHEEKBONE TONER everyday for toning Facial Muscles & reducing Puffiness.

Deepika Padukone, a well known Bollywood actress using BITRONTIX™ DARK CIRCLE REMOVER & CHEEKBONE TONER for Jawline and Cheekbone toning.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

"Finally I got my personal therapist to maintain my jaw line and cheekbones. perfect product for dark circle remover and cheekbone toner and it is complete package to enhance my beauty. It is very easy to carry when you travel as well. it is helpful for side eye care,forehead care,cheeks care and push point care. I'm totally loving this product"

Sangeeta Kapure,a well known Indian television actress