How to spot fake rollers in 5 steps

When purchasing products – especially online – it’s important to keep this list in mind. Knowing how to spot a fake could help you avoid purchasing low-quality fakes by accident. Here are some of the top tips to help you tell if a product is fake or counterfeit.

quality, SHAPE & DESIGN


Refer to the picture above, Fake products selling in the market don't have spike on their surface and the bottom is not pointed. They are  coated with LEAD & are made of toxic plastic materials. LEAD coating is prone to cause allergies & skin reactions 


Whether you are shopping on the high street, through mobile apps or online, price can be one of the first indicators than item is fake. Counterfeits tend to be cheaper than the genuine brand so consumers should be wary of unusually low prices. What might seems like a bargain could leave you with poor quality imitation.

no logo or brand name on the product

Fake products don't have any logo or brand name on the product because they want to stay away from the customer claims if any allergy or skin reactions happens to the customer. Basically without logo there is no liability for them.

Unbranded packaging

Fake products will always have a generic packaging and no brand name will be mentioned. No manufacturer name will be mentioned on them to stay away from the liability if any skin problems happens with the customer.

Light weight, fragile and easily broken

Always remember you get what you pay for. Fake products will be extremely light in weight as they are made of used & recycled toxic materials. As a result they get easily broken in 1-2 uses.


Look for the above 5 pointers in spotting the fake products and stay away from fake products to ensure your safety. Incase you need any further help, please feel free to contact us on

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